Rudawka Rymanowska - a tiny settlement in Podkarpacie south mountainous region of Poland - will be hosting our festival for the third time although this year's edition will take place not inside the camping resort but near a geological phenomenon, known as the "unveiling of menial slate" just by the river with which it creates a small canyon where you will be able to take a bath after all-night dances. But remember that we are guests there and if we want to return to the same picturesque place, let's leave it intact - we know that the local community enjoys our festival as well as us and we want to have good reputation with locals to be able to do festival there for next 55 years. Although we will not be able to use the facilities offered by the Camping resort like in previous editions and we are aware it might be a problem for some of our guests we want you to know that this year we all will be sleeping on the festival campsite (of course prepared with sanitary facilities) inside the festival area. If you won’t be able to stay on our camping you are welcome to visit the CAMPSITE section with a list of local agritourism and guest rooms in nearest proximity to the festival.

Distances from Rudawka

  • Rymanów 14 km
  • Krosno 28 km
  • Rzeszów 80 km (airport)
  • Kraków 200 km (airport)
  • Wrocław 485 km
  • Warszawa 380 km
  • Trójmiasto 800 km (A1 + A4)


This year in the festival we have a fully equipped, safe campsite with all sanitary facilities which is included in the ticket price. Although, our festival place is huge please use the space which is marked as the camping site - last year we gave a free hand to our attendancers with the choice for the camping which wasn't really respected and generated hours and hours of sensless cleaning job. We would like to sentizie everyone to respect this rule and we will look after it very carefully during the festival time!

Campsite and festival venue will be open from wednsday (27.06) 6.00 PM local time.

Access with your car/camper van/camping trailer to the campsite is possible only for the whole period of festival time, leaving "just for half hour" is strictly prohibited so please feel free to use parking site povided for the event.

Everybody interested in accommodation with their own bed please check all available agritourism close to the venue:

Food & Beverages

This year your your belly will be full with the kitchen and serving warm sour and sweet meals - on the menu you will find dishes prepared by cooking cooperatives from villages around who cook loads of meals on many events. Expect very local food made from very local products and all vegetarian! Also visit our foodtruck area serving tasty food. Traditionally, at the bar you will find nice cold beer brewed by a friendly craft brewery "Inne Beczki" known to you already from the last year's festival. Yes, there will be "Piwko Paliwko" with his other siblings and several other attractions ;) Non-alcoholic beverage classic and made in next valley "Celestynka" in several varieties, refreshing lemonade and yerba mate will be of course also available. If you care about our festival going on regularly, remember to go to our two kitchens and our bar. That way, you can help us significantly increase our budget and we can grow together.

Getting there

We do know that getting to our festival is not the easiest thing to do, so firstly we invite everybody to our facebook carsharing dedicated group: LINK All those trying to get to the place of our festival by using public please use Cracow Airport (bigger one, 200km from the festival) and Rzeszow Airport (80km from the festival). After getting from the airport to the bus stations located in the city centres please head to Krosno or Rymanów which are the biggest changing "hubs" for the last part of the trip to Rudawka Rymanowska.

Very usefull links:

  • Fast way to find flights:
  • Kraków Airport
  • Rzeszow Airport Public transportation from the airports to the centres can be found on the websites above although those two sites with the local transport might be usefull:
  • - current: trams, buses, trains schedules, and
  • but they are not working in every city;
  • public transportations schedules between the cities: Here you can look for a connections on the routes: Kraków/Rzeszów - Krosno/Rymanów; Almost there!
  • Last part of your trip from Krosno or Rymanów can be checked here: - festival bus schedule coming soon!