Bass Camp 2019 Festival Informations


Full schedule coming soon!


Like it used to be in previous years campsite will be included in the price of the festival ticket and will be located in the direct neighbourhood of the party place. This time we won’t be able to allow entry for cars/campers/vans to park at the campsite - for all the vehicles we will be having specified parking site.


Our new festival place is well connected with the other parts of the country and beyond. Here are distances from festival place to the closest public transports hub’s:

Railway Station - 3,5 km
Bus Station - 5 km
Airport Katowice Pyrzowice - 36 km
Airport Kraków Balice - 66 km

Like every year on our festival we are trying to reduce cars on site by inviting people to use our car sharing group to get to the festival: Share your seat and enjoy traveling together! :)


We are inviting you to our festival kitchen serving breakfasts 24/7 and food trucks zone with different food varieties. On the bars you will be able to taste different kind of craft beers including legendary, limited “Piwko Paliwko”* which is our festival beer. Remember when you buy at all the festival facilities you are supporting real people and their activities! :)

*sentence “Piwko Paliwko” is widely known at our festiwal thanks to the Dubseed Sound System. It’s a cute call for the beer in his mouth and meaning could be understood as “beer is my fuel”.


This years party is held in green areas of Katowice Forest Park. In theory we are in the city but in reality we are in the forest, 20 minutes walking distance to the water and beach, communication easiness from every part of the country is making us accessible to the most demanding festival goers. All of the stages will be under the tents so there is no bad weather for us! ;)

Sample distances from party place to the important places:

Katowice City Centre- 3,5 km
Cracow City Centre - 80 km
Wrocław (Airport) - 195 km
Łódź (Airport) - 205 km
Rzeszów (Airport) - 245 km
Warsaw (Airport) - 297 km
Poznań - 373 km
3City - 526 km
Bratislava - 380 km
Vienna - 389 km
Prague - 460 km
Budapest - 474 km
Berlin - 523 km
Amsterdam - 1143 km