Rules & Regulations

The Regulations are intended for all participants of the Bass Camp Weekender 2019 event located in its closed and fenced area between August 15th and 17th 2019 in Forest Park in Katowice, Poland. Every person staying in the area during the event is obliged to comply with rules and regulations described below.

  1. The purpose of the regulations is to ensure comfort and safety for participants, artists and event organizers by defining the rules of behavior of people present at the event and using them from the area where the event is held.

  2. Entry to the festival (terrain with stages and campsite) is for people with a valid ticket and armband issued by the organizer at the entrance. Pupils under 18 years of age participate in the event on the sole responsibility of legal guardians who supervise them and only have access to the event area. For children under 10, admission to the event is free, only supervised by legal guardian.

  3. Persons arriving for a party with animals are required to present a current vaccination book of a pet and have them on leash at all times.

  4. All animals must be under the constant protection of the owners throughout the duration of the events. Animal owners are obliged to clean up the waste left after their pets. Please note that this is a musical event and high sound levels may not be suitable for animals.

  5. Ticket holder is obliged to keep it for the duration of the event in order to control it by security and people responsible for handling the event.

  6. Tents are allowed on the premises of the festival in designated places. All information will be provided at the entrance to the site. Cars, campers and caravans entering the campsite area for safety reasons must remain on it until the end of the event on Sunday 18th August. For participants, an unguarded parking lot next to the event area will be separated from public area, where an absolute ban on camping and smoking bonfires is obligatory.

  7. People without valid ticket won’t be admitted or will be removed from the party, refuse to undergo ticket checks when asked or do not have valid armbands entitling them to stay on the premises of the Event and identity cards or documents that can be found identity.

  8. The organizer reserves the right to refuse access to the event:

- people who try to bring alcohol, narcotics, psychotropic substances, weapons, sharp tools, pyrotechnics or explosives or other dangerous objects or tools that may endanger the safety of the participants of the event;

- people under the visible influence of alcohol, intoxicants or psychotropic drugs;

- people behaving aggressively, refusing to present a credible document or luggage and clothing checks in the case of suspicion that they are trying to bring the aforementioned prohibited items;

- minors under 18 without legal adult guardians;

  1. It is forbidden to bring and have during the Event:

weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic articles, fire-hazardous materials,

alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances, knives, machetes and all kinds of sharp tools.

10. Furthermore prohibited is:

  • entering and staying in areas that are not admitted to participants

  • crossing places separated by tape or barriers

  • throwing all objects (apart from freesbee),

  • igniting fire, lighting fireworks or glowing balls,

  • dealing with physiological needs outside toilets,

  • littering the area - we invite you to recycle all your rubbish

  • destruction: of nature, Soundsystem equipment, lights and all elements of the event infrastructure.

11. The organizer informs that the event area is divided into zones. The campsite is open 24 hours a day, while the place with stages will be closed for technical breaks and cleaning between 6.00 - 10.00.

12. Persons staying in the area should behave in such a way as not to harm and not threaten others and react to any threat to life or health of others. Available to the participants is a 24-hour medical facility as well as professional security. See, something disturbing? React!

13. It is forbidden to inflame the fire on the area of ​​the event by persons not authorized by the Organizer.

14. The organizer is not responsible for items left on the premises of the event.

15. Participants of the Event and all other persons who are in the Event area are obliged to comply with the orders of services, security and organizers.

16. Refusal to comply with these instructions may only result from their incompatibility with generally applicable laws.

17. The participants of the event are obliged to respect the rules of Polish law

18. Entering the premises is a simultaneous consent to use the image of the participant of the event in connection with the production, presentation, advertising or use of photo, video recording and audio from the event.

19. Persons violating applicable law standards, and in specific cases the provisions of these regulations are subject to the inclusion and immediate transfer to the Police.

20. Participants should read these regulations, which is publicly available by posting it on the notice board at the entrance to the event area and given at the entrance to the event site as well as in promotional materials and on the Internet.